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The neighbor's who live behide us have gone through many dogs in the pass two years, that we have lived here. Now they have a pitt bull and a great dane. The Dane is so under weight its nothin but bones(the neighbor;next to us called on that). But my problem is their pit bull keeps getting into our back yard. The dog can jump the 4ft chain fence. We have given them two verbal warnings before we called Aminal control. We have called Aminal Control three times already and the police had to come the last time we called (the cop saw the dog in our yard). We have three young childern (the older two are afarid to go into the backyard because of the dog). I have videos of the dog jumping the fence and pictures of the dog in our yard. So yesterday, my 6YEAR OLD consin was playing in the backyard (because the neighbor has a little girl back there his age and he was playing with her through the fence, I was watching him the whole time, the dog worries me). Again 6 year old,he picked up a stick and was waving it around playing with the GIRL. the neighbor called the cops and said that he was waving the stick at the dog. The cop came to me and said he wasnt doing anythin legal but he had to come cause there was a call. PLEASE HELP WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT MY NEIGHBORS? THEY ARE IRRATIONAL! Calling the cops on a 6 year old with a stick?? ReallY?
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