Annoying Neighbors

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Dallas, Georgia
Last Updated: 6/15/2014 1:49:45 AM
My neighbors moved here (the South) from CT about 2 years ago. The 11 year old kid knocks on my door and introduces herself as: "Hi, I'm __, I'm a Democrat and I'm bipolar." For 2 weeks, I tried to be nice, but I ended up baby-sitting 5 kids + my own daughter. Then, when I said "enough", they got mad and started calling the cops on me for arguments or if it rained or whatever. I told them I didn't want anything to do with them - so, they egged and rocked my car. I called the sheriff then, but they told me I couldn't do anything about it, if I didn't have proof they did it. - This has been going on 2 years +, and recently, within the last year: more CTers moving in with their kids into the same house! -- Lesson: if a neighbor knocks on your door, don't answer it! EVER! (If it's important, they will leave a note. Read it, and then trash it, if it's not important.)
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