Annoying Neighbors

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Halls, Tennessee, United States
Last Updated: 7/24/2014 6:03:29 AM
I live in subsidized housing where the people do nothing ALL day but sit outside & get amazement out of a CAC van picking someone up for a doctors appointment & the like. One neighbor, lets call her Karen approached me when I first moved in claiming "God bless you" "so glad you moved here" yada, yada. Well, I would walk my dogs just before daylight as I needed to leave early; she called the sheriffs dept on me & had them "watching" my "covert" activities. EGADS! A woman walking a dog before daylight! Shameful! She stands with other residents staring & pointing as I drive away & was pointing out my less than perfect parking to the mainetance man (may not have been straight but it WAS between the lines. She is very obvious about her silliness & has done many other things.For instance I had a black friend, a former neighbor visit one time & I heard her tell someone that I needed to learn blacks r not welcome in "their" community. I basically ignore her as best I can...I suppose someone with so little to do & so ignorant is really to be pitied! When you have nothing between the ears but empty space, what can you expect? (Also, I found the cap on my tire gone & air let out of the tire also one night & it had to be someone at the apts). I stay busy, am out of town 8 days out of the month, pay my rent on time, take care of the apt & am an exceptional pet owner. I don't know what the problem is here but the people really make you sick. Oh & while I was sitting on my patio reading a book, two women walked by and one commented "Just ignore her." Uhhhh, were they ignor-ing me or just being "ignor-ant." DUH If people are going to ignore me, I would appreciate it if they do it more quietly. I am 61 yrs old & thought I got out of grade school and high school antics YEARS ago!
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