Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 9/21/2014 1:44:37 PM
The next door neighbor has filed false stalking charges against my husband and we are now having to deal with the court system which we all know has flaws. She lied under oath to the judge for 45 minutes making up false accusations. In our state stalking laws anyone can say anything about anybody and the court has to respond and see if there are grounds for stalking orders to be placed against someone. The judge believed her lies and placed a temporary stalking order on my husband. Now we have legal counsel and must prove to the judge she is a liar. We have lived next to this nutcase for over 25 years and have only had a handful of conversations with her. We knew she was mentally imbalanced so we wanted nothing to do with her. After this is over and done with we will leave the home that we built 25 years ago and get away from this insane woman.
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