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I recently moved into this apartment with my new husband. I've been here before on many visits, so I was always aware of the neighbors and their ways of living, but it's only more ridiculous to see how they go by on a day to day basis. They're always standing outside their apartments in huge groups with each other, which is fine every now and then, but it's for hours every day. They're loud, cuss every other word (I wish I was exaggerating that), and leave alcohol bottles on the steps. The men walk around without shirts and sagging shorts, and some of them with toddlers let their kids walk alone in the parking lot. That would be passable, but it's their habits with their "music" that really drives me crazy. One of them always turns their car on and plays their music with the windows rolled down. Sometimes, it's not even music! It's just bass playing and thrumming loud enough that it rattles through our walls. I had to call the police on them and the next day they seemed so confused why anyone would do that (really? You can't figure out how annoying your crappy stereo system is?)I always try to be respectful and understanding of other people's lifestyles, but when it interferes with my daily living, that's when I have a problem.
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