Annoying Neighbors

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Orion, Michigan, United States
Last Updated: 9/30/2014 10:01:35 PM
I live in what should be the perfect place. The house and the 3 acre property are fabulous, but unfortunately we have NFH. 1. They have an outdoor wood burning furnace they use for about 7 months of the year. It is literally 10 feet from the property line, and about 30 feet from my house. The prevailing winds take the noxious smoke into my yard probably 95% of the time. My house smells like crap all winter, and it is made even worse by the fact that I think they burn their trash in it. Yuck. 2. The parents bad-mouth everyone. From the folks that lived in the house previously, to their own dead parents. Holy crap, people! 3. The neighborly wife, instead of being compassionate about the excruciating pain my step-mom had been living with for weeks due to a bout of shingles, told her that only drug addicts went to pain management places. My step-mom doesn't even drink. 4. Their kids are little NFH in the making. They started with breaking things, graduated to name-calling of my daughter, and then the ringing of the doorbell and running home. 5. They let their dog run free and so it poops in my yard (sometimes on my deck!), pees on my grill, and attacks my chickens. It nearly killed one 2 days ago. 6. Their backyard looks like a Hillbilly Haven and is filled with cast off vehicles, play equipment, ATVs, tools, trailers, boats, etc. Of course all of this is clearly visible from my house since my place sits further back from the road. 7. They run engines (log splitters, ATVs, trucks, chainsaws, etc.) a lot! Often into the evening when most would want to enjoy dinner or the quiet of the nature that surrounds us. I have lived in apartments for much of my life, and so I have learned to expect a great deal of neighborly interaction, but this situation is just unbelievable. Help! At this point I am preparing to sell the house since I feel like my family and I are constantly under siege. Pray for us, please.
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