Annoying Neighbors

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Well it all started with the neighbor buying a car for 2300.00 and telling all of us what a great deal it got on the car. My wife works at the local court house in the auto tag office, she approves titles on autos that are bought in our city, well my wife got the title on his car and on the legal state title it was listed for the purchase of the car as $1.00 and there for the new buyer pays no sales tax on the car. Well my wife went to her supervisor and said I will not approve this title it has the wrong saleing price on it, she said my neighbor paid 2300 for the car. What should I do I can not approve this lie. The supervisor told my wife to speak to her neighbor as a friend so she did, asking him as a neighbor to make this right, well he call her a whore and stupid c*** and how dare you boarge into my home and aquse me of lieing, that is not what he paid for the car. Now every time he sees me or my wife he it gets angry and threatens us with bad jestors and calling us names. The neighbors went so far as to go to my wife's job wanted for fired for being unprofessional and entering their home and demanding something that she has no right to do. She was asked to enter his house. It gets better but maybe more later.
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