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Elmira , New York, United States
Last Updated: 7/28/2003 8:56:04 PM
We live next door to the neighbors from Hell. The Father of the family is such a bum, he doesn't even work. He is married (not sure how)and has two kids. He only works on cars in his garage and at annoying any neighbor within listening distance. We all listen to the pounding of metal for hours. He also has a crummy racecar and motorbike that he spends hours working on and then rides these ugly contraptions that he has built in circles on his lawn for hours. I imagine he has ADHD. Even his own kid runs away after awhile. Anyway, tonight, he spent hours cutting wood due to a recent storm that hit this area, and with a disregard for all of the neighbors surrounding his ugly, run-down property, he proceeded to get out the chainsaw and make some more noise. He then burns this wood during the winter months and pollutes any fresh air that may be in the environment in our entire neighborhood. We own a tree that is half on their property and half on ours. He and his wife (God help her!) don't want the tree cut down. In the meantime, it is hanging over our property creating a mess and a safety hazard. Anyway, after attempting to rationally reason with this dufus, I told him I would see him in court if any of the tree falls on our property since he is such a control freak over this stupid tree. His reason for us not cutting down this tree is because, and I quote, "We've lived here longer than you!" I went in the house and doubled over in laughter due to the Einstein logic that he uses. Anyway, I could go on and on but he is such a dimwit, I don't really want to get carpal tunnel from typing. I also want to add that not only do we have to deal with the worst streets in the entire Country in Smellmira, NY, but we have to deal with such ignorance here that there is an abundance of For Sale signs on houses here. To anyone that would like to move here, please take my advice - "DON'T - You'll be much happier someplace else!!! "
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