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Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 1/4/2017 7:08:01 PM
This proves that all people with disabilities aren't innocent. The amount of noise coming from our neighbor's apartment upstairs is RIDICULOUS! True the walls are stupidly thin, but this is beyond normal things like accidental drops, rolling of the wheelchair, etc. Several tales here: 1. The first day that we moved in his radio is blaring so loud that we can hear every syllable of the music and commercials. With a report to the landlord he toned it down a little. (It turns out he disturbed the people across the hall with his music. He also used to live above a lady who is 98% deaf. He made so much noise he disturbed HER!) 2. Sneaks in a girl with a young child running around the place. Oh, and the girl blasts music throughout the day and night. Another report to landlord. They toned it down a lot that time. 3. Discovered he visits the crack house nearby and his nickname is "Wolf" and yes, his crack buddies howled to get his attention. Not only that, he would yell from his apartment to the parking lot. Endured this all summer of 2016. 4. We actively heard him abusing/killing a small dog. He would ram and run it over with his motorized wheelchair. I could hear the poor thing rocking the cage above my bedroom. Report number 3 and they swiftly got rid of the dog.....(don't know in what manner though...) 5. Someone with extremely heavy footfalls who he claims is a "cleaning lady/helper" is prancing about at odd hours. Very loud random crashes and slams are now happening throughout the day and night. He also stays up late sometimes and the dude is loud. I have to sleep with earplugs at times to get any peace. He also has a demonic temper..... And this guy is in a wheelchair. I think that's why management is being stupidly lenient on him. I've been hearing that they're trying to get rid of him for over a year. It hasn't happened yet. So much for getting my hopes up..... What do you think? Should this guy get kicked out or are we being pricks?
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