Annoying Neighbors

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Blackstone, Massachusetts, United States
Last Updated: 2/19/2017 6:58:06 AM
My neighbor moved in 7 1/2 months ago in June. The Summer was quiet. I live with my husband & my now 28 month old after. I also have a son in college who visits about 3/4 weeks per year. Trouble started when we received an large Amazon package & my husband dragged it up the stairs. We heard about 10 loud stomps from beneath us. The next day the landlord visited to tell us this was the fifth noise complaint from the neighbor beneath us (in the duplex). She & her daughter started slamming doors and stomping. We had never heard one complaint; she had never even waved at us, even tho we had waved at her. Things were tense for a month or so, another complaint to the landlord. Then she yelled up the stairs for us to stopping bouncing the f'ing basketball. We had no basketball, just a little rubber ball that my daughter had been playing with for 15 mins on a Saturday at 2/3 P.M. She finally confronted my husband on a Sunday, ever other word the f word saying she can't get 5 mins of peace. The next day we found out she had dropped off a letter with the landlord. Mostly noise complaints. The landlord told us the building has not been not insulated since 1968. Yesterday the landlord dropped off a document for us to sign that are rules of the building, including not slamming garbage can lids, not loitering in common places as to disturb others, etc. We rarely if ever have guests. This situation is so frustrating & I feel this woman is beyond reason.
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