Annoying Neighbors

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BRONX, New York
Last Updated: 3/5/2017 11:32:55 AM
2016-2017, The new tenants who moved into Apt # 2B, at 405 E. 182nd St, Bronx, NY 10457, are disliked by this entire building. This building is occupied by long term, hard-working tenants, some are retired and some senior citizens, but the tenants who move into APT # 2B are an exception, as they are uneducated, shameless, rude, brainless, distasteful people of low morality and no mannerisms, inconsiderate to others, no basic common sense to see that they live in a decent, extremely quiet building with good neighbors, as they stick out like sore thumbs wasting their pathetic lives away with their daily activities which include: alcohol and drug abuse, possibly drug selling as they are slamming their door constantly when entering or leaving the apartment with random strangers going in and out at all hours, partying all night, collecting welfare and abusing government subsidies, screaming and loud yelling which can be heard through the walls, blasting their music so loud it vibrates the apartments upstairs and below, all through the wee hours of the night until the early morning when they finally go to bed. These aren't common people, they are more like savages, who do not see their actions as abnormal or annoying to others, as they're the only ones here who conduct themselves in this manner. Only god knows where these ANIMALS came from.
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