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Vancouver, Washington
Last Updated: 7/31/2003 10:42:33 PM
I just recently got a new neighbor who is bald, old and fat. He has a small, rinky dinky house and I have a huge little mansion. I have live farther out in the country and have lived here for 16 years. Right before my eyes, my little country neighborhood started becoming a huge residental area. Before I knew it, I had people building up on the area right above our yard. We have an acre backyard and we have a (used to be) electrical old fence. Well, soon people start moving into these little 1000sq homes above us with the tiniest yards and telling us how to run our life and build our backyard to THEIR pleasure. Well, back the bald guy. He's the worst of the bunch! Last year, my dad is mowing the lawn and working in the garden when old baldy comes out and tells him this, "You know, this maple tree you have here is ruining my view of the mountian." and my father said, "oh...really? Hmm" and walked away. Well, about six months later, the maple tree dies. This maple tree is now a stupid little dead stick in the yard. It once was a beautiful blooming tree, doing great until old baldy here tells us that his view is being obstructed! I'm pretty sure that he killed that maple tree since it was so close to his stupid fence. A few days ago, my dad is mowing the lawn and working in his garden again and creating a lot of dust in OUR yard. Before we know it, freaking baldy comes out and starts yelling obsenities at my father and shaking his fist. My father ignores him and starts to drive off in his mower but obviously old fatty wants to talk to him, but my dad just smiles and waves. Old baldy loves to watch our every move when we go outside and it's so annoying. I have the nerve to go throw a rotten apple in his yard from our apple tree. My dad recently BA'ed the guy 6 times. Since when does baldy think he has the right to go around telling us what to do when we were way before he was the old fatty.
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oh you poor trust fund brat
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Added: 2/26/2006 1:17:12 PM
get over yourself, grow the f*** up and find a job. you got way too much time on your hands. i bet you're a fine example of the gene pool yourself reject.
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