Annoying Neighbors

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Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States
Last Updated: 8/8/2003 10:51:31 PM
In Fernandina, I lived in the part nobody wanted to live in. My parents wanted to move there because of the woodsy feeling, seclusion and silence... for the most part at least. Everything would be quiet, and our next door neighbors kinda messed that up. It was amusing at first, then it just got annoying. Using no names, this man would have different girlfriends from time to time. They would blast country music at an obsene volume and party all the time.. and they would fight like hell the next day. I'm talking violence fighting, gl*** breaking, yelling, loud crieng: you name it. Sometimes, his girlfriends would come over to use our telephone, and would be on it for hours! And he was shooting squirrels (a revolting habbit).. he would shoot them in our yard! Once, he shot a mother squirrel in our yard, then came over to tell us that he wanted to save it's babies. It took him hours in our back yard climbing a tree to get them. They all eventually died. Shortly after the 4th of July, my siblings, friends, and I were launching our remaining supply of bottle rockets. He came out completely wasted, walks to the gate, to then scream at me "what was that noise?" His girlfriend then constantly threatened to call the police. To top everything off,at their parties they would all send they're perverted, disturbed, extremely annoying children to hang out with us. I'd go in my room alone or something. He also would throw Budweiser cans in our yard, we would get mad and throw cans in his yard as retaliation. He would complain. Being a vegan, and strong in animal rights, I really did not like this. He beat the crap out of any pets (mainly dogs)he owned. This man, his girlfriends, their kids, and his habits were over all completely annoying.
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