Annoying Neighbors

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Morrisville, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 12/6/2003 1:28:38 PM
Here's a story of a jack-*** that doesn't understand that when you live on a first floor apartment, you will hear footsteps. This guy blasts his b*** and his stereo so loud that people from other buildings are b****ing. He doesn't get the point of all the complaints to the management office. I saw this coming the day I moved in, being friendly I thought I greeted him and said hello. The b**** just looked me in the eye and walked away, saying nothing, not even a smile. The first words from his mouth was about how we pound on the floor when we walk, and that he was going to put a complaint in. Well besides floating across my floor he has no choice but to know when I walk from the living room to the dining room. I would respect his issues, but he has no respect for anyother tennet. These ***holes just need to be weeded out of this world. The one fact I know and others may find comfort in this too in their own lives and living situations. My wife and I are young, and this is our first place. We will be moving into a house. The ***hole downstairs is a near 40 year-old miserable piece of white trash that has been here longer than us and will always be here.
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