Annoying Neighbors

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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States
Last Updated: 12/8/2003 9:42:03 PM
Our neighbors seemed strange from the day they moved in. The first encounter my husband had with the husband was a conversation about how 1 of their dogs had bitten someone walking on the side walk. They have 2 dogs & one had a problem biting people. He said it was not their fault because the guy must have walked too close to the edge of the sidewalk because they have an underground fence. My husband didn't say too much but he told me later that didn't make sense because when you put in the fence you should not put it to the edge of the sidewalk. The husband also told my husband that it wasn't the first time the dog had bitten. We heard it had bit again after that & suddenly there was only 1 dog. When one of my son's asked where the other dog was, the wife said it had ran away. Yeah right! The wife does a lot of yelling at the kid. You hear a lot of swearing coming out of her mouth. The kid is obnoxious. He always thinks its a grand idea to cut through our front to back yard on his bike. One day my daughter told him not to do it anymore & he told her "to shut up b****, I don't have to listen to you." The kid left his bike out on his lawn overnight & the next morning it was gone. At school he went around telling everyone who would listen that our son had stolen it. It got so bad that my son & his friend decided to go tell the PSL officer what the kid was saying. A couple weeks later the wife drives in our driveway, this was after my husband had just left & before I got home & confronted my son who was riding his older brother's bike because they thought it was their kid thought it was his. The last straw came when they had a police officer show up at our door asking to look at our bikes. None matched the kid's bike but while the policeman was there, the obnoxious kid stood in the backyard watching with this huge smirk on his face. The neighborhood used to be nice!
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