Annoying Neighbors

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norristown, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 5/7/2004 8:04:26 AM
I once had a fifty-something divorced woman living next door. I was single, at the time. She was on disability(actually she was just crazy and could not get a job). Anyway,she was extremely nosey and a b**** on wheels. One day, I hired a tree cutter to trim some branchs that were overhanging in her yard. This was the worst mistake of my life. She claimed that, in taking the trees down, they "damaged" her siding and sent me a bill for $1000 to pay for these so-called damages. In truth, nothing happenned to her house. I later found out that she had sued at least 7 people before me. Well, I was next. After I refused to pay the $1000, I received a court summons in the mail. I went to court with the tree cutter and my attorney(which was supplied by my insurance company). The b**** also had an attorney. When she realized that the tree cutter was not representd by an attorney, she dropped all charges against me and went after him alone. The poor tree cutter got demolished on the stand and lost the case badly. But, there is some justice after all. Right after the court found for the b**** neighbor, the tree cutter filed for bankruptcy, so, in the end, she really did get nothing. I moved soon after this incident. What a b****!!
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