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Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Last Updated: 5/22/2004 3:41:09 PM
We moved next door to the psycho-scarecrow antichrist,a.k.a. Bernadette, about three years ago. Our landlord forgot to mention that she might be a pain in the ***. Here's a phsical description: 70-ish woman,5 feet tall,100 pounds, giant baggy clothes, baseball cap, broom in hand always(witch?), pals around with 50-ish frail daughter who lives with her, smells like chicken (according to my brother-in-law),gl***es, and hooked up to numerous spy devices. She pretends to be doing yard work or sweeping but she's really just trying to get a glimpse into anybody's life who happens to be around her. She called our landlord a few days ago to let him know that our rain gutters are full. I caught her outside and spoke with her about it and she said maybe oneday we'd own a home and understand what it means to care for property. I said maybe I'd own a home so I could sweep the porch ALL DAY LONG just like she does. She said she felt bad for me because my husband just isn't a "doer". I said I felt bad for her because she has no ride to the mental institution where she belongs.Today she has put up a 1" fence between our properties with rat poison along the base. I have no desire to cross over, but if I did I'm not so sure this would be effective.She has a long, long history in this neighborhood of alienating people, trying to kill their pets, making up lies to ruin marriages, accusing people of child abuse when NONE is occuring, hissing at children, getting REALLY upset over insignifigant things like speedbumps, calling police constantly, sabotaging relationships,spying, and basically being the most undesirable,unfriendly,ugly inside and out,loser,good for nothing,meddling scarecrow on the face of the Earth. Oh yeah-she also claims that our CAT scratched her car.
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Added: 8/12/2004 3:29:20 AM
the rat poison, if out where children, or pets could get to it is creating an attrative nuisance and is actionable!!! Call the law!!!
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