Annoying Neighbors

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Last Updated: 5/24/2004 9:55:18 PM
One of my neighbor's is two faced and a gossip. She pretends to be your friend when she wants something. Otherwise, she acts snobby and acts like you don't exist. For example, a friend of mine was taking care of my animals when I was out of town. My neighbor starts telling my friend "You take better care of her dogs than she does, because she's never home". Keep in mind, I was working swing shift. Just making rude remarks and talking crap about me to one of my friends. That is none of her business. Since then, I have distanced myself from her. I don't go out of my way to talk to her anymore. If I see her, I will say hi, but I don't tell her anything personal. Another good one, she screamed at my cat about something. She is so petty. I overhear her talking crap about people all the time. She just uses people.
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