Annoying Neighbors

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Stevens County, Washington, United States
Last Updated: 5/24/2004 11:15:16 PM
Moved to rural acreage to escape filth, only to discover months later WHITE TRASH knows no boundaries. The sound of their filthy generator carries for miles it seems, the infernal drone a constant reminder of their cursed existence. Unruly packs of neglected hounds bark, scream, and howl at the drop of a hat and into the night. The miscreants run wicked chainsaws daily for the sheer pleasure of tormenting others. Politically correct sheeple b**** but refuse to unite against the Bastard. So empowered, he (the embodiment of all that is WHITE TRASH)runs roughshod over the good and decent. No one says boo when he steals fire wood from absent landowners, or shoots off round after round on other people's property (his filthy troll of a "girlfriend" doesn't want the noise of gunfire near her). This message is for all you liberalized pussies who refuse to stand as one with your decent neighbors against Evil: You are no better than the Vermin you espouse to loathe. Your inaction empowers the WHITE TRASH of this world to contaminate us all!
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Code Enforcement
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Added: 3/3/2005 11:04:02 PM
and what have YOU done about it?
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Added: 3/4/2005 7:41:52 PM
Re: Post dated 3/3/05: What do YOU think I've done, Einstein? Folks don't usually solicit help online until they've exhausted usual protocol. If at some point you actually have something constructive to add to this topic, feel free to chime in. Until then, you're just part of the problem.
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