Annoying Neighbors

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poland, Maine, United States
Last Updated: 5/25/2004 12:09:57 PM
my neighbors were so nasty you knok on the door and they will anser it naked i'v been in that house they have no artical of clothing there they take the cuberd doors off and keep chikens in there cuberds and in the bath tub to go to the bathroom they dig a hole and go out side now could you imagine living next door to this there are two little boys about 5or6ish and the mom is 54 and the dad 36 thats just kreeps me out and they all ways come over asking for something lke chikenfeed we don't even have chikens my boy friend at the time didnot dare to come over because of that family we have trey to get them tomove but they have made it clear thaere not going so we are good chosie huh!!!!!!!!!!
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