Annoying Neighbors

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Gig Harbor, Washington
Last Updated: 5/25/2004 5:56:56 PM
My big fat, bald, unemployed loser neighbor makes me want to be sick. I live in a beautiful neighborhood on the water and paid a lot for my home while this lazy piece of crap will go all summer long without even mowing his yard that is filled with dog crap. He actually had to come over my house 5 days before Christmas, while my husband is in Iraq, and I have to small kids, to talk to me about how my cat scares away the birds in his front yard! Is that all he has to worry about, boy I wish that was all I had to worry about. And while some of my neighbors were helping me to string Xmas lights on my house he actually had the nerve to through a brick at my little Aussie puppy cuz she ran across his driveway!! He even went as far as to make false claims to the Humane Society of neglect to my dog becuase one day she escaped out the back yard and he claimed she was neglected, funny how when they came to do the report I had just gotten back from the groomers with my poor neglected pup. And they reported that my cat tressp***es on there property!! Can you believe what a loser!! He even ganged up on my elderly widow neighbor because she had a few trees removed from her own yard, and went over screaming at her waving his fist saying she was ruining the neighborhood. Like he is such an ***et. And all the while he has a sweet golden ret. that sit in the backyard and they never do anything with and lock him up in the garage pen while they go on vacation!! It really is so sad for them, they really are the epitome of LOSERS!!!!!
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