Annoying Neighbors

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Large Chicago suburb, Illinois, United States
Last Updated: 9/17/2002 10:21:25 PM
Well where do I begin...My neighbors are annoying in every way. There are four apartments on the first floor and of course I cannot stand any of the renters. First of all, they all let the 2 entrance doors slam behind them, which is so loud and annoying that it makes the wall shake. And not to mention that they do it at all hours. Second of all, one of my neighbors has to whistle every time he comes through the doors, and very loudly too. Another one even hums! Next, whenever any of them open the door to their apt., they have to slam it shut, when the door closes easily by itself! Now another problem I'm sure a lot of people have with annoying neighbors is dealing with loud music. That one guy who has to whistle also has to blast his awful electric guitar playing, like he's playing right in front of his door. He and whoever else lives there, also have to annoying blast "La Bamba" and sing along with it.
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