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Our neighbors kids (5 of them, 4 boys and 1 girl) play basketball from 12:00 noon until 11:00 at night. Apparently they don't have to go to school. The kids have friends who drive in and out of the neighborhood about a million times a day playing music with the b*** turned all the way up. Parents let all the kids drive the cars even though only one or two are old enough. Kids like to hang out the windows and yell cuss words at neighbors who are walking. Last week the kids were in the woods behind their house playing with what we think was a semi automatic pistol. Grandmother lives with them and is the primary caretaker. She wanders the streets of the neighborhood talking to the trees (alzheimers). Parents are in medical field, Doctor and Nurse(God help us all) and have admitted they have no control over their kids. Last year they acquired their second set of dogs (the first set they had to get rid of because they were vicious) and then let them run through the neighborhood 24 hours a day. Couldn't understand why anyone would be upset by that. Ended up having to get rid of the dogs AGAIN because of neighborhood complaints. Mother has been seen twice staggering through the neighborhood blind drunk. Threw up on the stop sign. Social Services has already investigated them once... Prediction: Boys will end up in jail, girl will be pregnant by 2003. Mother and Father arrested for selling drugs to minors (oh and did we mention the mother has already been arrested once for buying alcohol for a minor?)
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Call the police.
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Added: 4/8/2007 11:38:10 AM
Now that is one crazy mixed up family. Call the police, they are going to kill somebody someday. Like, whoops, the kids are underage and driving, and whoops the kids are playing with guns?
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