Annoying Neighbors

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Northeast Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Last Updated: 12/13/2002 7:58:57 AM
Where do I start. We call our upstairs neighbor "The Stomper." Evidently, she only weighs 90 pounds or so, but she stomps all over the apartment at all hours of the day and night. She usually begins her morning exercise at 5:15am. But this isn't just stomping, or heavy walking. It literally sounds like she is beating a cement block into the floor so hard that our windows shake. She does this in circles around her bedroom, which is, of course, directly underneath our bedroom. At other times, she has pounded a heavy object into the same spot on the floor for ten minutes at a time. We have called the leasing office several times to complain, but they're afraid to do anything because, in the words of the leasing agent, "your upstairs neighbor is such a b****." She is also the mother of the head of security, which evidently makes her "special." Instead, they are coming to check our subfloors to make sure it's not a structural problem. I'll tell you this: if there is a structural problem, she caused it. From what we can imagine, she must have huge holes in her floors by now. On a side note, she also plays religious sermons very loudly on her television (like the ones on the public access channels).
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