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Narangba, Australia
Last Updated: 8/13/2006 5:17:37 AM
We live in a nice suburb in North Brisbane until about 6 months ago. This Crazed woman and her boyfirnd along with 3 kids moved in across the street. At first all was well, she was never friendly towards any of the other neighbours but that was fine, no one worried. Soon we heard her screeching and using the foulest language possible towards her children. Saying things to her 4 yr old like get inside the house you F***ing C*** you're not a F***ing baby. She would lock her infant daughter out in the front yard or in the car. Of course the police were called as all the neighbours are to scared to confront this woman. the Police did nothing it was all over by the time they got here - family services have also been called but they do little. Her abuse has turned to the other neighbours including myself. I have two small children so I am not going to confront her for fear of retaliation. Her premises are rented privately and we have written to the property owners who haven't done anything about it. How can we get this thing out of our neighbourhood and away from our children. There are heaps more things that have happened, I could write a book. Any Ideas anyone??
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Get her alone.
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Added: 6/6/2008 9:47:23 PM
Take her aside someplace where no one can hear you and tell her that a group of you from the neighborhood don't like how she treats her kids or you all and you are gonna jump her some night and kick the crap out of her! I'm not saying to do it but maybe the thought of it will make her stop or move. Just make sure no one over hears you say these things.
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