Annoying Neighbors

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Vancouver, Washington, United States
Last Updated: 4/29/2005 5:16:12 PM
I live in a two story apartment on the first floor with my husband and 15 month old son. We live next door to one of the managers of the apartments. When we first moved in there were no upstairs neighbors, well, that changed about a week and a half ago. When they first started moving in I expected some noise, since moving furniture causes a lot of noise. It hasn't stopped being noisy. Today they woke me and my son up, and when my son went down for his nap they woke him up yet again, so I decided enough was enough and I would go upstairs to talk with them, rather than go straight to the manager with my complaint. Their 2 boys came to the door and let me in, I asked for their mom, and when they went to the bedroom to get her their father roared "Get the f*** out of here" talk about a little extreme, needless to say I went back downstairs without talking to either parent. My son still has yet to take his nap, but if I hear anymore loud noises from upstairs the manager will also know about them, this is total B******T!
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