Annoying Neighbors

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Sydney, Australia
Last Updated: 6/5/2005 12:50:53 AM
I am so relieved to see Im not the only person on the planet with f*wit neighbours. We are the only 'original' people in our street, all the nice people from the 1980s/90s have left and all the hick-trash from sydneys western suburbs have moved in. we're surrounded (sides, back and across the street) uncontrollable "children" screaming/yelling/throwing crap etc and their "parent/s" who laugh and encourage the kids behaviour. My family have been called every name under the sun by the young kids, because we refuse to allow them to destroy our property etc. the police don't care and take up to 3hrs to arrive when theres a drunken fight in my once quiet street. ive just recently had my dog (my best friend) taken from me because of these westie slags that called the council rangers(bad ppl if you own an animal) cos they were suddenly 'scared' my dog would 'break out' of her secure yard and home and maul their 'precious children'. right now (late afternoon) the snotty nosed foul mouthed kids nextdoor are tormenting their dog and throwing rubbish in my tidy backyard cos they think my poor dog is still there for them to annoy and expect me to go out and yell at them so they can all laugh. seriously we need a selective breeding program here to breed disrepective sh*t out of the population. Ahhh thanks for letting vent!
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