Annoying Neighbors

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williamsburg, Virginia
Last Updated: 6/6/2005 10:03:42 PM
We live at the end of a townhouse complex and the people next to us are so annoying. First of all they feel like if they ask once its ok anytime after like he borrowed our lawn mower once and then he would just go up in our backyard and take it. One month he got his water shut of so we let him use it once to fill up a bucket and now he still comes over to use the faucet in front of the house without asking. He even has a house hooked up to the house next door. The guy who lives there owns the house but lives with his mom whos very sick so he doesn't know whats going on. They play their music all night and day so loud it vibrates my bed and they like to pick a song and play it repeatedly. They got kids too. They're kids have just walked up in our house without knocking and sometimes if they knock and you hold stand at the screen door they just walk in right past you and start playing with our dog. They're kids also got smart mouths. One of the has even told my brother that they've seen they're dad with little white rocks and they always have people coming to they're house. I've had friends when i was younger who were dealers so i know that that looks like. They leave their kids who are all in elementry school home alone all the time. they always have their water cut off. one night i finally got pissed off and called the cops and now they're just ruder. I don't even know their names.
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