Annoying Neighbors

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Culpeper, Virginia
Last Updated: 6/29/2005 3:24:48 PM
We live in a very average bedroom community for Wash Dc, average four bedroom homes and most everyone commutes into the city. Very quiet, or at least it was until a large family from California moved in next door to us. They had 12 kids and the kids had their spouses and kids living in the house too. These people had parties after their restaurant closed at 11 pm, it wasn't unusual to see little kids running and screaming in the street at 2 am, they would claim it was because they were all working at the restaurant until the wee hours so they wanted the kids to have some time playing in the fresh air. Shortly after moving in they put several refrigerators and old falling apart living room furniture on their deck so they could stay out there drinking all hours of the day and night, completely against our community bylaws that forbid anything that looks trashy. But the coupe de grace was when they got a flock of chickens for the backyard and the chickens got out. This nice manicured middle class neighborhood with a gang of feral chickens running around clucking and crowing all the time. Shortly after they moved (late October) in they hung a cage with a Sun Conure Parrot on the deck. I pointed out that the weather in Virginia is not such that you can keep exotic birds outside all the time (I have a conure too so I know) and they told me to mind my own business. Predictably the first hard cold snap in November and the bird died, which they tried to blame on my cat, even as the bird was dead and untouched in the bottom of the cage. This madness went on for two years, a two years in which they fought with all of the neighbors and ended up suing the school system to educate their children in their native language. But once we had a freak hurricane roll through the area they packed up and abandoned the house, moving back to California where there are no hurricanes, leaving a realtor to sell the house with all the furnishings to a quieter family.
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ha ha dumbasses.
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Added: 11/6/2005 10:04:03 AM
well mother nature prevails again. god i'm sorry you had to deal with know it all ignorant assholes. why oh why do we have to deal with them. if they loved that bird they would have attended to it's needs.. are they that stupid that they feel the weather is the same all over the continental u.s.? christ what does it take? i bet you're happier than s*** about their 'nonexistance' aren't ya?
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