Annoying Neighbors

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erie, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 6/29/2005 11:57:32 PM
We have new neighbors that just moved in across the street. Well, the wife introduces herself to me when I was outside weeding one day and asked if I was the one who was going to be getting a pool since she saw a pool truck. I told her yes and she said "oh, great! We don't even have to get one then! We can use yours and I can give you a check to help with the chemicals andsince I don't work, because my husband is a cop and works wierd hours, I can earn my keep and clean the pool!" I didn't even know what to say as I was shocked she was so pushy. She keeps asking when it will be in and it is going in this week. When she finally corners me I bet I will snap on her and I don't want to. She has 2 small kids and I thought maybe I would just tell her it would be a liability. My kids are teens. Any advise, or am I not being neighborly? I don't really even know her. I work full time and don't have as much time for family and friends, and I don't have alot of free time.
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