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erie, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated: 6/29/2005 11:57:32 PM
We have new neighbors that just moved in across the street. Well, the wife introduces herself to me when I was outside weeding one day and asked if I was the one who was going to be getting a pool since she saw a pool truck. I told her yes and she said "oh, great! We don't even have to get one then! We can use yours and I can give you a check to help with the chemicals andsince I don't work, because my husband is a cop and works wierd hours, I can earn my keep and clean the pool!" I didn't even know what to say as I was shocked she was so pushy. She keeps asking when it will be in and it is going in this week. When she finally corners me I bet I will snap on her and I don't want to. She has 2 small kids and I thought maybe I would just tell her it would be a liability. My kids are teens. Any advise, or am I not being neighborly? I don't really even know her. I work full time and don't have as much time for family and friends, and I don't have alot of free time.
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tell her to fuck off.
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Added: 11/6/2005 10:01:16 AM
call the police for harrassment and tell her to f*** off and that if you ever find her or her kids in the pool, call the police again and then take her to court. i would. she's harrassing you, making offers using money, she's on your property without your consent... oh yes and she'll be tresspassing and get her for wreckless endangerment too (of her kids) explain the liabilities to her then if she doesn't follow let her have it. if she gets upset that's better than what could happen. tell her to f***en get her own pool and grow the hell up.
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