Annoying Neighbors

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Springfield, United States
Last Updated: 7/2/2005 9:35:58 AM
Nice place to rant about our horrible neighbor....Our neighbor across the street can't stand us because we follow the rules and he thinks the rules don't apply to him! He'll use his lawn mower and weed wacker at 6:30 in the morning, and allow his son to ride his bike up and down our driveway! Every time we ask him (nicely) to stop, he curses up a blue streak--even in front of his son! His Dad (who used to live next door to us and who also couldn't stand us) died last year, and after he died, someone hit his (the Dad's) car that was parked in the street...twice. So the son sicced the police on us, but of course we didn't know anything about it. To get revenge, he parked his beat up ugly 30 year old truck in front of our house for the last six months. We called the police to report it abandoned, but since the inspection and registration hadn't run out, they couldn't do anything. Ahhh, sweet revenge..we heard his wife (who I'm on speaking terms with, but not friendly with) prohibited him from keeping the truck, and refused to allow him to repair it to pass inspection. Well, you guessed it, the inspection has run out, and since we threatened to call the police again, the truck is now gone, apparently only to their back yard (let's see how long the wife can stand having that thing in the back yard!!! I finally have a nice view out my front door again!!!
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