Annoying Neighbors

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Canton, Connecticut
Last Updated: 7/2/2005 4:55:14 PM
Ok. We live in a neighborhood that is 3-4 acre lots, heavily wooded, nice, quiet, kids--but not annoying ones--and it's on a cul-de-sac. Wouldn't think anything could go weird here. But then my neighbor moved in. His house is behind ours, on a giant hill. We can barely see the house, and in the summer we can't see anyone (which is great!) but we sure can HEAR the people behind us. This is because they have proceeded to basically cut down every tree in their yard (front and back), and now they are building god knows what. We thought it might be an ATV park b/c they are that type. They usually ride their ATVs up and down the driveway. They are SO NOISY!!!! Now they are backhoe-ing something and everytime the guy puts it in reverse, it goes "BEEP BEEP BEEP" like a truck and that's all we hear, every day. Before that it was the chainsaws. Should we do something about it? They didn't even send anything around to the neighbors or anything to tell us that they were going to be building or chopping or anything. Weirdos.
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