Annoying Neighbors

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san jose, California
Last Updated: 7/5/2005 10:50:24 PM
My husband and I decided to nickname my stupid neighbor who lives downstairs "the witch." She uses her broom to bang on the ceiling and walls to annoy us. We read many stories about horrible neighbors living upstairs but they can just be as annoying and difficult living below you. It started from the FIRST night we moved into our condo. We remembered hearing bang,bang,bang on the floor and later figured out someone below us was banging on their ceiling. This happens quite often at least once a week. Also, whenever we have guests over she would slam doors and windows and bang on the wall and ceiling. Finally, I had enough I went downstairs to confront her. She went into a rampage about us being noisy and I could barely get a word with her. I decided that we can never make this women happy. These days, we don't care. We tried our best to be as quiet as reasonably possible. We can make her life miserable if we want. We are the ones living upstairs.
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