Annoying Neighbors

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hackettstown, New Jersey, United States
Last Updated: 7/6/2005 4:59:03 PM
my neighbors wife - what a fruitcake-she drinks and- she's a screamer "f*** Y** " to her husband at 2am 3am or middle of the day. Oh and she's a door slammer - but it's okay - you know why? because 10 minutes after they have a major blow out and she runs out of things to throw - they're just two little love birds. But she moved out last week - this is the eighth time in 9 months. Oh and they hate me - I have never done anything to either one of them - but apparently being a single parent is against their morals.The best part is the other neighbors are their relatives - and they think she's just the cutest thing. Her husband and his friends have no problem with him being a door mat - I offered them coffee - tried to be friendly - my kids have always been polite- but alas we're not boozers - so I'm going try and get through this lease
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