Annoying Neighbors

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Munford, Tennessee, United States
Last Updated: 7/6/2005 1:39:31 AM
We moved into our house two years ago because it's on a dead end street and there are only a handful of neighbors. What we didn't know was that our neighbors are some of the most inbred yokels I've every seen. Not only does their nine year old son shoot bottle rockets at me and my children(If I could retaliate, I would. He's only a kid though)but they come out screaming profanities at us whenever we're in our yard. The male drunkard drives down the road with a beer in his hand while the female drunkard hardly ever comes outside. Unless of course it's to slander us with juvenile gibberish. The really nice thing about living here...everyone is related. WEEEEE! Advice:Retaliate within the means of the law. There are many ways to do this. Be creative and invest in massive quantities of voodoo dolls.
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