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Last Updated: 7/11/2005 1:51:25 AM
Helpful hint for those that live in apartments! Rate them on the internet! I did because of frustration with thin walls and management who won't do enough (NFH). I rated my apartments on , and ! talk about therapy plus I feel if I can save just one person from my apartment renters nightmare then it would all be worth it!
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oh sure a site will help....
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Added: 11/6/2005 9:56:32 AM
rent ratings is useless... most make up stuff or you don't have the time to look it over. what they should have is a 30 or 60 day grace periods.. and temporary 30/60 contract with rent to cover that period with a deposit equivalent. if you want it then you can file for the lease and pay the deposit for the apartment in full... if not then you file why you don't and pay a fee to finalize, summerize or cease contract. though it may be expensive then you wouldn't be stuck and the manager, owners would get their money (enough of it too) to make them happy enough to do this program and shut the hell up while you are still in good lease fufillment with your prior place of residence. though they'll never do that jack asses.. better than wasting everyone's time and going through paper work and court to obolish a lease.
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