Annoying Neighbors

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Sterling, Virginia, United States
Last Updated: 7/16/2005 8:44:05 AM
My annoying neighbors, I thought my parents lived thru the worst, but I feel now that my husband and I have! We live in a townhowm community which is growing and our county is the fastest growing county in the US. It's not a bad place to live safety wise, but it is just getting over crowded. Our solution is to move eventually into a single family home with an acre of land at least. Our neighbors, have cocktail our on their deck whenever they are home at 5 pm sharp. They also have lots of parties on their deck and when they have the parties inside, they turn their subwoofer up so we can hear the base in our townhouse. They have no regards for our privacy. Even though they are nice, nice doesn't cut it. Actions speak louder than words. They party outside on their deck and their kids play out side in the front of their house. This leaves little room for a private area for us to hang out and relax. Not only that, but since their deck doesn't have steps, their cats jump on ours to go down to the grass and bug our cats. Our neighbor said "sorry, I can't stop that", that's a load of bull. This past 4rth of July, they left fire cracker trash in our lawn while we were out. So we just moved their trash back to their lawn. I also found a wad of gum on my car the day after. They also use our lawn for bike repair ect. and have no sense of their boundaraies. I feel trapped and that my space and privacy are shrinking. It wouldn't be so bad if they partied inside because when they are home and they're windows are closed, we can't here them so much. When they are not home, wow, what a difference! Total peace and quiet. They are renters, but my god, that is no excuse. Well guess what the house on the other side of the rental is up for sale and ours will be soon. We have to advertise our house as a nice bachelor pad or a small family home in urbana. The bad neighbors say they won't stay here, but I hope they move when they're lease is up!
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