Annoying Neighbors

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pasadena, California, United States
Last Updated: 7/18/2005 2:35:19 AM
i've been here in my lovely apartment complex for 13 years plus having been through 3 different landlords so far. aside from that, the neighbors to the right of me are beyond f*ckin' annoying! excuse my french!! imagine a regular day at work, you come home & BAM! right in the middle of the walkway are 2-3 different apartments gathered together hogging up the whole walkway speaking in their native language all obnoxious & LOUD! the wife next door is the iceing on the cake. her piercing LOUD voice having to scream always at the top of her sickening peak drives me CRAZY!!! especially in their language is just unbearable! i don't want to mention what ethnicity they are,but...Viva la Turkey! handle that business!! everything they do is annoying! walking,talking,constant noise pollution & just NOT being american like me. i base things on simple logic. if you live here, learn the language...English. stop abusing your privledge & quit the short cuts with your lame ass fileing chapter 8 bs. pay what you have to & stop freeloading off our government. otherwise, go back to your pathetic country where you belong! personally, i'm fine with other religions as i am also ethnic. i just don't feel the need to over express my passion for my country. if thats the case...BOUNCE back to where you belong! we DEFINITELY don't need your type here in America. enough with the damn bongo drums too! you guys need to rent out an auditorium when expressing that sh*t! others don't appreciate that! learn to be modest & respect your neighbors privacy. enough with the cologne too! if you had anymore body hair, you'd be an ape! LITERALLY! i know what most of you are thinking too. why don't i move out? inside my apartment is seriously a gallery of mixed art in which i cannot afford to fix when i leave. the moral here is, its okay to be proud of your country. just don't flaunt it where others are exposed 24/7! that ain't cool!!!!
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