Annoying Neighbors

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St Albert, Alberta, Canada
Last Updated: 7/19/2005 6:07:26 AM
I have to live next door to the most inane and insane woman on the face of the continent. In our little household her pet name is Gladys not her real name of course but called Gladys by our family because like the beloved Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched she is the neighborhoods nosy Nelly she doesn't work of course so she has time to instill her nose into everyones business and what she doesn't know she makes up. Her real strong suit is calling the Police of course they have nothing better to do than come out and check for noise violations as defined by her. If you lay in bed at night and watch a movie she calls the police because the noise is to loud now please people who watches a blaring movie in their bedrooms???? I guess one should get close captioned Television because in this free country of ours you are not allowed any privacy in your own home... people now have the right to impinge on your rights. God forbid that you should have people over because she calls the police if you play your guitar at 5:30 in the afternoon she calls the cops ! !!!everything is a violation of her rights. Is there anyone out there with any ideas or does anyone know anything of the law and how to get even legally with this meddling-----you fill in the blanks!
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