Annoying Neighbors

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Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States
Last Updated: 8/6/2005 8:12:28 PM
Let's just say Sill Smelle, or Will Welle or something like it and is an alcoholic out of work shipyard-employee-pseudo-intellect-wannabe who spends more time standing in his front yard decked out in nasty cutoff jeans, trucker style baseball caps and old man shoes glaring at the neighbors than he he does working. SHE, Barol, or Karol or whatever is a toilet scrubbing Canadian without citizenship working for under-the-table cash while chain smoking on her backporch and unnaturally snuggling her pug. It took a while to unpack the garage after moving and he decided to threaten damage to my car for parking it on a public road! Then there was a freakin' HURRICANE and a tree went through our roof. They didn't take the time to see if we were alive or dead. Threatening to kill my mini-dachshund was not too nice. They take themselves too seriously for justification. I got an apology once because my friend is her boss and confronted her. He got embarrassed that wifey-poo was apologizing for him and so he's pulled his latest stunt calling the police on us! My 16 year old neice was playing in the sprinkler of my back yard with some friends the other night and since he can't get the police out here for any other reason, he took that 30 minute bit of noise pollution as his cue to involve d'man. The sweet policemen both just said, "Have fun and don't worry about the caller...he complains about everyone on the street." Yeah, I'm a CRIMINAL! The kids will get to go to school in a couple of days telling about how the police crashed their party. Well, I say party, but it was just a few teenage girls, my two gradeschool kids, my husband and me...but STILL! The my front door. Call the cops on kids under adult supervision while your illegal alien wife and your alcoholic self sit boozing it up ten feet away. I'm just itching for his next barbeque noise to travel into my personal sound space. God, they are creeps.
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