Annoying Neighbors

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Salem, Oregon
Last Updated: 8/17/2005 4:53:29 PM
Omg. I have the MOST annoying neighbors. I bought a house in March.. the American Dream, right? For about a month until the one across the way sold. There's a wretched woman there who thinks she owns the whole neighborhood. I have 2 small dogs, who are kept int he garage when I am at work.. so they are only outside long enough each day to potty. If they bark even once she is leaving a nasty note on the door. She even claims that she can hear them barking from inside the garage... yeh, right.. then why cant anyone else hear them??? Yet, don't mind the fact that every day she cranks up her radio full blast while she goes out to work her the yard. The other day she was bent over out there with her big butt in the air and I was tempted to use it as a target, but it was so big there was no challenge in it. One night I came home, and they had been setting off fireworks (not the 4th of July by the way). My poor dogs were so scared, and she comes over and doesnt even let me get out of my vehicle before she starts yapping at me because my dogs would bark when they went off.. and yes, they were in the garage. I tell you, the sound of her voice is 5,000 times more annoying than any sound my pooches could ever make. Ok, so she lays into me... via a bogus 'anonymous' note about my dogs, and proclaims to speak for the other neighbor, so I confront the other neighbor.. who turns out to be even more wretched... so much so, that she has a dump truck load of dirt delivered to her... on MY LAWN !!! Then she had a teen-age style premadonna hissy fit when I told her I wasnt very happy about it. It is no wonder my dogs howl at them... they sense the evil.
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