Annoying Neighbors

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kitty hawk, North Carolina, United States
Last Updated: 8/17/2005 4:02:11 PM
My neighbors are so diffucult and werid! its not really the family as much as their son! he got held back two years in high school is not going to colege and has some mental issues (but thats not what bothers me)! he hangs around inside my house waiting for my older brother (who dosnt even like him) to get home. then while hes waiting he goes in all the rooms in our house and creeps about suspiciously! i have seen him go into mine, my sister, and my brothers rooms, oh and my parents! we havnt had anything stolen but we are scared he might take something oneday! its not only that though he tried to kill his dad with a baseball bat!! and brags about it...i know for a fact that he has double locks on his bedroom door from the outside in case he gets angry and tries to attack! there are constant police visits to the house which scares me even more! we would like him to leave us alone but are scared to tell him in case he comes back to hurt us...or worse. so ithink that its time for some payback!! (any ideas?)
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