Annoying Neighbors

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Last Updated: 1/22/2007 10:44:50 AM
I live in an apt complex on the first floor in a charming old building. I fell in love with the apartment the minute I saw it. The love faded soon after I moved in, as the neighbors upstairs started to make their presence known in most unsubtle ways. Instead of a broom, they use a rolling sweeper. An exceedingly LOUD rolling sweeper. They never pick up a chair, instead they drag it across the floor. They clomp around in hard heeled shoes. The list goes on. Just when it couldn't get any worse, it did. Well, they got a dog not too long ago. A kinda cute little puppy who they let run around their apartment at all hours. Both apts feature hardwood floors, so every jump, leap and playful romp of this dog reverberates throughout my apartment. Now the dog has a rubber ball that it bounces around the house at all hours day and night. I've been upstairs to politely tell the neighbors that their dog is a disruption. Obviously, that hasn't worked. I feel bad for this dog---they never walk it and they don't discipline it. I'd call the ASPCA to come pick this poor animal up, but the neighbors would know it was me who called and clomp around in combat boots or something. I just can't win.
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