Annoying Neighbors

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white plains, New York, United States
Last Updated: 12/9/2005 3:10:47 PM
My neighbors hoot, holler, curse and spit out their windows all hours of the night. My other neighbor calls to ask me to lower my tv, when I tell her I am drowning out the screams and music from next door she tells me she can't hear them. Yeah Right! Anyway I just read a book everyone might enjoy it is about-you guessed it bad neighbors! It is called 77 URBAN STREET-Love thy neighbor? NO WAY! It is funny and crazy and I can relate! I received a review copy (I work in media) from click on bookstore and type 77 URBAN STREET in the search the author is ANNIE GRANT This was a good read and took my mind off my own idiotic neighbors!
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