Annoying Neighbors

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Arlington, South Dakota, United States
Last Updated: 5/26/2006 6:13:05 AM
We moved into our house as renters about a year and a half ago, we just bought the house about a month ago. Our neighbors are rude. Constantly glaring at us. You can't even see any grass in their yard, but they have two rider mowers. They have a trampoline set up in their 'back yard' on old tree stumps. Can we say 'safety issue'? Their five kids are all over the age of at least nine, I know two are in high school. They all cuss, and they leave their trash to blow all over their yard, which, eventually, gets to our yard. We have our dogs enclosed in the fence we put up around our back yard, that we put up mostly because of them, but once in awhile, they will come through the house and get out through the front door. They must be constantly spying on us, because the minute the dogs got out, he opened his door and said, "Keep your g***amn dogs out of my yard!!!" Umm.. hello? Why don't you teach your kids some lessons in courtesy, and worry about keeping your yard up first. UGH!!! Some people's parent's..... Some days I feel like putting a 'for sale' sign on their house....Hmmm...
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