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Bronx, New York, United States
Last Updated: 6/4/2006 6:06:39 PM
Welive in the only 1st fl.apartment(there are 2 above us). The newbies moved in, evn from the beginning, when I 1st saw them, or rather just HEARING thm move in, there ws something about them that Ididn't like. Now I know.Unfortunately, they turnd out 2be one of those people who just luvluvluv to BLAST their (really bad spanish/hiphop, worse yet, reggaeton)'music'. They seem 2think that all of the world would like to kno wat theyre listening2, or is it possible they think that they are doing the world some good by 'sharing' their horrible music w/ us?? I actually don't mind some hiphop stuff once in awhile but, whn all you hear is the bass booming away, BOOM BOOM BOOM.They play the same song over and over again really loud w/ THEIR FRONT DOOR OPEN!!OH MY GOD! THEY ARE SO FREAKING GHETTO! ALSO, They walk their dogs, but at 12am, 2am, or 530am. Our place is right next to the stairs so we hear EVERYTHING coming down. It's the way they com down the stairs STOMPING. they hav a porch or rather a fire escape that thy use...4their dog to s*** n pee on, sometimes it rains s*** directly below on2 our porch. Theyre always cleanin their "porch", throwing and splashing water dwn 2us. It's incredibly obnoxious. We can't sit out there anymore in fear of dirty water and/or s*** fallin from the sky.My fiance went to talk to them about it, but the young Misses up there just wouldn't hear it. My fiance spoke 2 her very nicely and calmly, only 2 get an attitude b**** attack. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHERS. THEY ARE SELFISH ASSHOLES, they think the world revolves around them,they just DON'T GET THAT IT DOESN'T! I would luv to make their lives as miserable as they hav made mine.Except there's nothing I can do. I would luv to hav them kicked out. I actually hav reason 2believe that the "hubby" makes his money by dealing "special goods" if you kno wat I mean, but I hav no evidence..if only..ahhh..I would move out, but, I'm broke at the moment so it will be awhile unfortunately.
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Sue the idiots
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Added: 7/30/2007 6:27:17 AM
Learn to write proper English before you rag on other cultures. That way maybe you will seem to have a good point to get across to others.
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Added: 7/30/2007 11:19:06 AM
I only wrote with "texting" language because I was just trying to fit everything in. What I said is pretty clear regardless of proper grammar, etc. And "ragging on other culture"? So you're saying that someone's "culture" includes being rude and obnoxious? So their "culture" includes pouring dog s*** and pee onto the neighbors area below them? Am I supposed to respect that "culture"? No, I wasn't ragging on their culture, I was "ragging" on how rude and stupid these people are. Why don't you learn to get things straight?
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