Annoying Neighbors

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San Diego, California, United States
Last Updated: 6/5/2006 9:48:20 PM
After 5 years of peaceful renting, we got annoying new neighbors 2 months ago. A Yuppie Scum (YS) couple moved in and plopped down on the curb, a portable basketball hoop-not in front of their own home-but in front of my bedroom window. I spent 5 months recovering from cancer & listening to their home being re-built & I now have the horror of listening to their kids play ball/fight/scream less than 20 feet from the two rooms I'm in most. My landlady told them that no one wanted kids to play in the street and to move the hoop onto their own property, but they ignored her. She even called the city and they sent a notice that they were violating a code, but they just moved the hoop onto the curb. They had a party and invited all neighbors except us, so I know they hate us even tho I kept their stupid dog from running away one day and returned their mail when we got it by mistake. Because we have a connecting grass yard with them, their kids run all over our yard, playing and screaming right in front of our house. When I've tried to talk to them or call them about the noise (3 times), I get nothing but attitude from b**** and blank looks from moron. I know they only bought that place for the view (paid over $1 mil for it) and never gave a thought to the fact that there's nowhere for their 2 kids to play. They're selfish, self-absorbed, rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, jerks! I feel sick about it, but I think as soon as I'm over the chemo, I'm going to have to move. It's so unfair that the worst people in the world seem to get and do whatever they want and the nice people have to just keep avoiding them.
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