Annoying Neighbors

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Los Angeles, California
Last Updated: 6/7/2006 2:17:35 PM
We live in a 4 unit apt. complex where 2 of the apartments share a wall with the main house where the landlady lives. Our downstairs neighbor works at night and comes home at 2:30am and proceeds to blast her music as though it's the middle of the day. Our hardwood floors vibrate from the bass in her music. We've complained to our landlady but she has done nothing. She even said that because of the shared wall she and her mother bought ear plugs because the music was so loud! To top it off the landlady's addled brother lives in the unit next door to the noisy neighbor and he comes out about 3-4 times a day and bangs two iron mallets together. And I don't mean just during the day. I have to sleep in the living room sometimes to get away from the noise. It's worse in our bedroom, of course. My boyfriend went downstairs at 5 in the morning to confront her about it and she was drunk! How do you reason with someone with a drink in her hand?!!! Thanks for listening to my rambling! Good luck everyone.
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