Annoying Neighbors

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Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Last Updated: 6/13/2006 9:15:20 AM
Friday...8:30am, I had just dropped my kids off at school and picked up dd's friend's older sister (14yo) who didn't have school and wanted to come spend the day with me (I look after the younger of the two, and since they just moved out of the school district, the older one gets off the bus here). School buses are still on the road... We pull in my yard and what do we see...the neighbour out back(their house is at the end of the driveway..I park under their bedroom window) having SEX OUT THEIR WINDOW!!! We're talking her hands were on the window sill, and he was behind her...and to be honest, they are complete pigs.....the kind of people you picture when you here the word "welfare".Her pregnant sister and her family just moved in with her two weeks now there's two women, both of their boyfriends all four of their kids and some other guy living in a small two bedroom unit. They have garbage piled up outside their door, not to mention most of the sister's belongings. It's getting disgusting! So I yelled to the pigs "close your f***ing blinds!!" I then came in the house and when i come up my back stairs in the house, there's a window that looks out at her her leg is out the window and all you can see is her b/f's hairy ass. At this point, I called the landlord. Landlord calls them and gives them a week to clean up their act. ...the sister comes over freaking at my dh..who says "Why don't you ask your sister why my wife really called, it has nothing to do with your junk" She told the landlord she was looking out the window for a cab. SURE!
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